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Trenbolone Acetate

Trenbolone Acetate

What to tell your doctor

Trenbolone Acetate

Roche Valium (Diazepam) is an antianxiety agent (benzodiazepine), used primarily for short-term relief of mild to moderate anxiety. It may also Trenbolone Acetate be used to treat symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawals, to help control epilepsy, or to relieve muscle spasms. Trenbolone Acetate

Protection against bitch tits.

Oxanabol is a mild low androgenic 17-alphalkylated anabolic steroid with very Trenbolone Acetate low toxicity.

Sustanon 250 is an oil-based injectable containing four different testosterone compounds: testosterone Trenbolone Acetate propionate, 30 mg; testosterone phenylpropionate, 60 mg; testosterone isocaproate, 60mg; and testosterone decanoate, 100 mg. The mixture of the testosterones

Trenbolone Acetate
are time-released to provide an immediate effect while still remaining active in the body for up to a month. As with other Trenbolone Acetate testosterones, Sustanon is an androgenic steroid with a pronounced anabolic effect. Therefore, athletes commonly use Trenbolone Acetate Sustanon to put on mass and size while increasing strength. However, unlike other testosterone compounds such as cypionate and enanthate, the use of Trenbolone Acetate Sustanon leads to less water retention and estrogenic side effects. This characteristic Trenbolone Acetate is extremely beneficial to bodybuilders who suffer from gynecomastia yet still seek the powerful anabolic effect of an injectable testosterone. The decreased water retention also makes Sustanon
Trenbolone Acetate
a desirable steroid for bodybuilders and athletes interested in cutting up or building a solid foundation of quality mass. Trenbolone Acetate Dosages of Sustanon range from 250 mg every other week, up to 2000 mg or more per week. These Trenbolone Acetate dosages seem to be the extremes. A more common dosage would range from 250 mg to 1000 mg per week. Although Sustanon remains active for up to Trenbolone Acetate a month, injections should be taken at least once a week to keep testosterone levels Trenbolone Acetate stable.

  • difficulty sleeping, nightmares
  • dizziness, drowsiness, clumsiness, or unsteadiness; a "hangover" effect
  • headache
  • nausea, vomiting

Trenbolone Acetate
If you have low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

That Trenbolone Acetate short paragraph to illustrate what sort of an impact it has made on the world of sports. Trenbolone Acetate Stanozolol is commonly referred to as Winny, after its trade name as marketed by Winthrop Trenbolone Acetate : Winstrol. In Europe this may be a bit confusing as the most available form there is called Stromba. Winny comes in two forms, Trenbolone Acetate an injectable form and an oral form. Both are equally popular and both are to be used daily. The injections are the same compound as Trenbolone Acetate the orals, which is methylated. Due to this feat it can't be esterified for time-release. So its not quite suited for weekly injections although

Trenbolone Acetate

this is claimed on the package insert of the veterinary form of Winny. Another thing that would further add to the difficulty of time-release is that Trenbolone Acetate it is delivered in an aqueous solution. That would not exactly facilitate the entry into adipose tissue, needed for the esterification Trenbolone Acetate and storage of the substrate in the body.

Stronger bones

Mesterolone (Proviron) is a synthetic, orally Trenbolone Acetate effective androgen which does not have any anabolic characteristics. Mesterolone (Proviron) is used in school Trenbolone Acetate medicine to ease or cure disturbances eaused by a deficiency of male sex hormones. Many athletes, for this reason, often use Mesterolone (Proviron)

Trenbolone Acetate
at the end of a steroid treatment in order to increase the reduced testosterone production. This, however Trenbolone Acetate is not a good idea since Mesterolone (Proviron) has no effect on the body's own testosterone production but-as mentioned in the Trenbolone Acetate beginning-only reduces or completely eliminates the dysfunctions caused by the testosterone deficiency. These are in Trenbolone Acetate particular impotence which is mostly caused by an androgen deficiency that can occur after the discontinuance of steroids, and infertility Trenbolone Acetate which manifests itself in a reduced sperm count and a reduced sperm quality. Mesterolone (Proviron) is therefore taken during a steroid administration or after discontinuing the use
Trenbolone Acetate
of the steroids, to eliminate a possible impotency or a reduced sexual interest. This, however does not Trenbolone Acetate contribute to the maintainance of strength and muscle mass after the treatment. There are other better suited compounds for this (see Trenbolone Acetate HCG and Clomid). For this reason Mesterolone (Proviron) is unfortunately cunsidered Trenbolone Acetate by many to be a useless and unnecessary compound.

It should be used for no more than 2 weeks Trenbolone Acetate at a time because it also raises a male's natural production of estrogen (and we don't want any gyno now do Trenbolone Acetate we?). For that reason take some Nolvadex with it also.

A typical daily dosage of Tamoxifen for men is in the range of 10

Trenbolone Acetate
to 30mg, the chosen amount obviously dependent on the level of effect desired. It is advisable to begin Trenbolone Acetate with a low dosage and work up, so as to avoid taking an unnecessary amount. The time in which Trenbolone Acetate Tamoxifen is started also relies on individual needs of the user. If an athlete with a known sensitivity to estrogen is starting a strong steroid cycle, Trenbolone Acetate Tamoxifen should probably be added soon after the cycle had been initiated. If estrogen Trenbolone Acetate is probably not going to be a major problem during the cycle (but will likely be after), this substance Trenbolone Acetate is administered around the time exogenous steroid levels will drop.

"Over time, the drug causes the estrogen receptor

Trenbolone Acetate

on cells to change and form a pocketlike structure that allows other proteins to bind there. The proteins Trenbolone Acetate action somehow changes the cell's reaction to Tamoxifen. Theres more to the article but this Trenbolone Acetate is the essence of it. Probably you will find something in your papers as it from the Associated Press Newswire. But just in case - Trenbolone Acetate thought you should be made aware."

Testosterone Propionate

Bonavar Trenbolone Acetate Cycles

Sexual activity carries a possible risk to patients with heart disease because Trenbolone Acetate it puts an extra strain on your heart. If you have a heart problem you should tell your doctor. The following are reasons why Cialis ® may also not be

Trenbolone Acetate

suitable for you. If any of them apply to you, talk to your doctor before you take the medicine: Trenbolone Acetate

Winstrol (Stanozolol) additional information

Viagra is used to treat erection difficulties, Trenbolone Acetate such as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Nandrolone decanoate is a favorite to thousands of steroid Trenbolone Acetate users. In our recent survey, it was revealed that Deca is the most widely used anabolic steroid. It is easy on Trenbolone Acetate the liver and promotes good size and strength gains while reducing body fat. Although nandrolone decanoate is still contained in many generic compounds, almost every athlete connects this substance with nandrolone decanoate. Organon introduced

Trenbolone Acetate

Deca-Durabolin during the early 1960's as an injectable steroid available in various strengths. Most common are 100 mg/ml. Nandrolone Trenbolone Acetate decanoate is the most widespread and most commonly used injectable steroid. Deca's large popularity can be attributed to its numerous possible applications Trenbolone Acetate and, for its mostly positive results. The distinct anabolic effect of nandrolone decanoate is mirrorred in the positive nitrogen Trenbolone Acetate balance". Nitrogen, in bonded form. is part of protein. Deca causes the muscle cell to store more nitrogen than it releases Trenbolone Acetate so that a positive nitrogen balance is achieved. A positive nitrogen balance is synonymous with muscle growth since the muscle

Trenbolone Acetate

cell, in this phase, assimilates (accumulates) a larger amount of protein than usual. The same manufacturer, however, points out on the package insert Trenbolone Acetate that a positive nitrogen balance and the protein building effect that accompany it will occur only if enough Trenbolone Acetate calories and proteins are supplied. One should know this since, otherwise, satisfying Trenbolone Acetate results with Deca cannot be obtained. The highly anabolic effect of Deca is linked Trenbolone Acetate to a moderately androgenic component, so that a good gain in muscle mass and strength Trenbolone Acetate is obtained. At the same time, most athletes notice considerable water retention which, no doubt, is not as distinct as that with injectable testosterones

Trenbolone Acetate

but which in high doses can also cause a smooth and watery appearance. Since nandrolone decanoate also Trenbolone Acetate stores more water in the connective tissues, it can temporarily ease or even cure existing pain in joints. This is especially good Trenbolone Acetate for those athletes who complain about pain in the shoulder, elbow, and knee; they can often enjoy pain-free Trenbolone Acetate workouts during treatment while using Deca. Another reason for this is that it blocks the cortisone receptors thus allowing less cortisone to reach the Trenbolone Acetate muscle cells and the connective tissue cells. Athletes use Deca, depending on their needs, for muscle buildup and in preparation for a competition. Deca is suitable, even above
Trenbolone Acetate
average, to develop muscle mass since it promotes the protein synthesis and simultaneously leads to water Trenbolone Acetate retention.

The steroid dianobol a.k.a. Anabol has a very strong androgenic and anabolic effect which Trenbolone Acetate manifests itself in an enormous build up of strength and muscle mass. Dianabol is simply a mass Trenbolone Acetate building steroid that works quickly and reliably. A weight gain of 2-4 pounds per week in the first six weeks is normal Trenbolone Acetate with dianobol.

by Patrick Arnold - Viagra works by increasing the effects of nitric Trenbolone Acetate oxide (NO), a substance that serves many key functions in biological processes throughout the body. One of the most well known and important

Trenbolone Acetate

functions of NO is the dilation of blood vessels. This allows greater blood flow to the muscles, which of course can be Trenbolone Acetate valuable to an athlete during competition.


Omnadren is a four-component Trenbolone Acetate testosterone. The four different substances work together in such a timely manner that Trenbolone Acetate Omnadren remains in the body for a long time. For this reason many compare Omnadren to Sustanon 250. This comparison, Trenbolone Acetate however, is quite poor since, in part, there are large differences between the two compounds. Trenbolone Acetate Although both are "four-component testosterones" the individual substances of Omnadren and Sustanon are not completely identical. Both include

Trenbolone Acetate
testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone propionate; however, the testosterone isocaproate in Sustanon is replaced by Trenbolone Acetate testosterone isohexanoate and the testosterone decanoate in Omnadren is replaced by testosterone hexanoate in Sustanon (see also Sustanon).

Trenbolone Acetate

Keep Xenical in a tightly closed container and out of reach of children. Store Xenical Trenbolone Acetate at room temperature and away from excess heat and moisture (not in the bathroom).

This is noticed Trenbolone Acetate when the body temperature drops back to normal.

Anavar is a mild anabolic with low androgenic activity. Its reduced androgenic activity is due to the fact that it is a derivative

Trenbolone Acetate

of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Although one might think that this would make it a more Trenbolone Acetate androgenic steroid, it in fact creates a steroid that is less androgenic because it is already "5-alpha reduced". In other words, Trenbolone Acetate it lacks the capacity to interact with the 5-alpha reductase enzyme and convert to a more potent Trenbolone Acetate "dihydro? form. It is a simple matter of where a steroid is capable of being potentiated Trenbolone Acetate in the body, and with oxandrolone we do not have the same potential as testosterone, Trenbolone Acetate which is several times more active in androgen responsive tissues compared to muscle tissue due to its conversion to DHT. It essence oxandrolone has a balanced level of potency in both

Trenbolone Acetate

muscle and androgenic target tissues such as the scalp, skin and prostate. This is a similar situation as is noted with Primobolan and Winstrol, Trenbolone Acetate which are also derived from dihydrotestosterone yet not known to be very androgenic substances. Trenbolone Acetate

Methandrostenolone converts to estradiol via aromatase. The amount of this conversion may be reduced by use of Trenbolone Acetate Arimidex , or less preferably Cytadren (see previous articles discussing dosage and dose pattern). Or if the conversion Trenbolone Acetate is allowed, Clomid may be used to block adverse estrogenic effects.

The most common complaint with Trenbolone is that it can reduce aerobic capacity possibly due to bronchial

Trenbolone Acetate
dilation from increased prostaglandin formation. However at least in most users, since the blood levels of Trenbolone Enanthate won¡¯t Trenbolone Acetate spike as rapidly or peak to as high of a level as quickly as we see with the Acetate version- this effect is not as pronounced with Trenbolone Acetate the Enanthate version. Thus the infamous ¡°Tren Cough¡± many users complain about with the Trenbolone Acetate Acetate version isn¡¯t as common with the Enanthate ester.

Like all medicines, Viagra can cause some side effects. Trenbolone Acetate These effects are usually mild to moderate and usually don't last longer than a few hours. Some of these side effects are more likely to occur

Trenbolone Acetate

with higher doses. The most common side effects of Viagra are headache, flushing of the face, and upset stomach. Trenbolone Acetate Less common side effects that may occur are temporary changes in color vision (such as trouble telling the difference Trenbolone Acetate between blue and green objects or having a blue color tinge to them), eyes being more sensitive to light, or blurred vision. Trenbolone Acetate In rare instances, men have reported an erection that lasts many hours. You should call a doctor Trenbolone Acetate immediately if you ever have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours. If not treated right away, permanent damage to your penis could occur. Heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeats, and death have been reported

Trenbolone Acetate

rarely in men taking Viagra. Most, but not all, of these men had heart problems before taking this medicine. Trenbolone Acetate It is not possible to determine whether these events were directly related to Viagra.

Trenbolone Acetate Other Names and Formulations:

Trenbolone promotes red blood cell production and increases the rate of glycogen replenishment, Trenbolone Acetate significantly improving recovery. Like almost all steroids, trenbolones effects are Trenbolone Acetate dose dependant with higher dosages having the greatest effects on body composition and strength. Mental changes are Trenbolone Acetate a notorious side effect of trenbolone use, androgens increase chemicals in the brain that promote aggressive behavior, which

Trenbolone Acetate
can be beneficial for some athletes wanting to improve speed and power.

Excessive water retention Trenbolone Acetate and aromatizing can be avoided in most cases by simultaneously taking Nolvadex and Trenbolone Acetate Proviron.

Clenbuterol is used post cycle to aid in recovery. It allows people to keep eating large amounts of foot without adding Trenbolone Acetate excess adipose tissue (fat).

Cypionate = C8 H4 O = 124.2mg = 69.90mg

Danabol Trenbolone Acetate / Dianabol is an orally applicable steroid with a great effect on the protein metabolism. Danabol / Dianabol has a very Trenbolone Acetate strong anabolic and androgenic effect giving a great buildup of strength and muscle mass in its users. The additional

Trenbolone Acetate

body weight consists of a true increase in tissue and, in particular, in a noticeable retention Trenbolone Acetate of fluids.

Cialis ® 20mg film-coated tablets

DHT Conversion: No

The typical dosage for men is one to four 25 Trenbolone Acetate mg per tablets per day. This is a sufficient amount to prevent gynecomastia, the drug often used throughout the duration of a strong cycle. Trenbolone Acetate As mentioned earlier, it is often combined with Nolvadex© (tamoxifen citrate) or Clomid© (clomiphene citrate) when heavily estrogenic Trenbolone Acetate steroids are being taken (Dianabol, testosterone etc.). Administering 50mg of Provironum© and 20mg Nolvadex© daily has proven extremely effective

Trenbolone Acetate

in such instances, and it is quite uncommon for higher dosages to be required. And just as Trenbolone Acetate we discussed for women, the androgenic nature of this compound is greatly welcome during contest preparation. Trenbolone Acetate Here again Provironum© should noticeably benefit the hardness and density of the muscle, while at the same time Trenbolone Acetate increasing the tendency to burn off a greater amount of body fat. Provironum© is usually well tolerated and Trenbolone Acetate side effects (men) are rare with dosages under 100 mg per day. Above this, one may develop an excessively high androgen level and encounter some problems. Typical androgenic side effects include oily skin, acne, body/facial hair growth and

Trenbolone Acetate

exacerbation of a male pattern baldness condition, and may occur even with the use of a moderate Trenbolone Acetate dosage. With the strong effect DHT has on the reproductive system, androgenic actions may also include an extreme heightening of male libido. Trenbolone Acetate And as discussed earlier, Women should be careful around Provironum©. It is an androgen, and as such Trenbolone Acetate has the potential to produce virilization symptoms quite readily. This includes, of course, a deepening of the voice, menstrual irregularities, Trenbolone Acetate changes in skin texture and clitoral enlargement.

Arimidex is not a steroid. It is a tablet form anti-aromitase that is used by many body builders to help prevent bloating (edema)

Trenbolone Acetate
and Gynecomastia (bitch tit) associated with the use of testosterone and androgens. It can be used in place of Nolvadex, Trenbolone Acetate Clomid, etc. Bodybuilders are using around 0,25mg to 1mg per day or 0,5mg to 1mg every other day and are having good success with Trenbolone Acetate it. The FDA approved uses are for the treatment of breast cancer in post-menopausal women with disease progression Trenbolone Acetate following tamoxifen therapy. Hypersensitivity to anastrozole are reasons not to use this drug. If you have Trenbolone Acetate these problems please inform your doctor. Common side effects are: shortness of breath, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, hat flashes, weakness, cough, dry mouth, skin rash, sweating,
Trenbolone Acetate
abdominal pain and bone pain. Some less common symptoms are vaginal bleeding, weight gain, tiredness, chills, fever, breast Trenbolone Acetate pain, and itching. In case of an overdose, it is recommended to contact your poison control center.

Nolvadex works against this by blocking Trenbolone Acetate the estrogen receptors of the effected body tissue, thereby inhibiting a bonding of estrogens and receptor. Nolvadex does Trenbolone Acetate not prevent testosterone and its synthetic derivatives from converting into estrogens, though, Trenbolone Acetate but only fights with them in a sort of "competition" for the estrogen receptors. After the discontinuance of Nolvadex a "rebound effect" can therefore occur where the suddenly freed

Trenbolone Acetate

estrogen receptors are able to absorb the estrogen present in the blood. For this reason the combined intake of Proviron. is Trenbolone Acetate suggested.

Manufacturer: Various

Sustanon 250 is an oil-based Trenbolone Acetate injectable Testosterone blend. Sustanon developed by the international drug firm Organon. The substance typically contains four different Trenbolone Acetate Testosterone esters: Testosterone propionate (30 mg); Testosterone phenylpropionate Trenbolone Acetate (60 mg); Testosterone isocaproate (60mg); and Testosterone decanoate (100 mg), although a lower dosed version is also produced. An intelligently "engineered" Testosterone, Sustanon is designed to provide a fast yet extended release

Trenbolone Acetate

of Testosterone. The propionate and phenylpropionate esters are quickly utilized, releasing into circulation within the Trenbolone Acetate first four days. The remaining esters are much slower to release. Sustanon stayes active Trenbolone Acetate in the body for about two and three weeks (respectively). This is a big improvement of Sustanon Trenbolone Acetate from standard Testosterones such as cypionate or enanthate, which provide a much shorter duration Trenbolone Acetate of activity, and a more variable blood level.

CNS stimulants, for instance ephedrine, are not advised to use Trenbolone Acetate with clenbuterol as the negative side effects would be exaggerated.

Winstrol (o.c.) 2 mg tab.; Winthrop GR, PT

It is the

Trenbolone Acetate

"Cleanest and Gentles" anabolic steroid, will not aromatize, non-toxic, low in androgens.

The anti-estrogenic Trenbolone Acetate properties of Provironum© are not unique to this compound. A number of steroids have in fact demonstrated similar activity. Dihydrotestosterone and Trenbolone Acetate Masteron (2methyl-dihydrotestosterone) for example have been successfully used as therapies for Trenbolone Acetate gynecomastia and breast cancer due to their strong anti-estrogenic effect. It has been suggested that nandrolone may even lower aromatase activity in Trenbolone Acetate peripheral tissues where it is more resistant to estrogen conversion (the most active site of nandrolone aromatization seems to be the liver). The antiestrogenic

Trenbolone Acetate
effect of all of these compounds is presumably caused by their ability to compete with other substrates for binding Trenbolone Acetate to the aromatase enzyme. With the aromatase enzyme bound to the steroid, yet being unable to alter it, and inhibiting Trenbolone Acetate effect is achieved as it is temporarily blocked from interacting with other hormones.

This product has also been researched as Trenbolone Acetate a possible male birth control options. Regular injections will efficiently lower sperm production, a state Trenbolone Acetate that will be reversible when the drug is removed. With the current stigma surrounding steroids however, it is unlikely that such an idea would actually become an adopted practice.

Trenbolone Acetate
Testosterone is a powerful hormone with notably prominent side effects. Much of which stem Trenbolone Acetate from the fact that testosterone exhibits a high tendency to convert into estrogen. Related side effects may therefore become a Trenbolone Acetate problem during a cycle. For starters, water retention can become quite noticeable.

Trenbolone Acetate The duration of intake usually depends on the athlete's financial resources. Our experience is that STH is taken over a prolonged period, Trenbolone Acetate from at least six weeks to several months. It is interesting to note that the effect of STH does not stop Trenbolone Acetate after a few weeks; this usually allows for continued improvements at a steady dosage. Bodybuilders who have had

Trenbolone Acetate

positive results with STH have reported that the build-up strength and, in particular, the newly-gained muscle Trenbolone Acetate system were essentially maintained after discontinuance of the product. It remains to be clarified what happens with the Trenbolone Acetate insulin and LT-3 thyroid hormone. Athletes who take STH in their build-up phase usually do not need Trenbolone Acetate exogenous insulin. It is recommended, in this case, that the athlete eats a complete meal every three hours, resulting in Trenbolone Acetate 6-7 meals day. This causes the body to continuously release insulin so that the blood sugar level does not fall too low. The use of LT-3 thyroid hormones, in this phase, is carried out reluctantly by athletes. In any
Trenbolone Acetate
case, you must have a physician check the thyroid hormone level during the intake of STH. Trenbolone Acetate Simultaneous use of anabolic /androgenic steroids and/or Clenbuterol is usually appropriate. During the preparation for a competition the Trenbolone Acetate use of thyroid hormones steadily inereases. Sometimes insulin is taken together with STH, as well as with steroids and Clenbuterol. Trenbolone Acetate Apart from the high damage potential that exogenous insulin can have in non-diabetics, incorrect use will simply and plainly make you "FAT! Trenbolone Acetate Too much insulin activates certain enzymes which convert glucose into glycerol and finally into triglyceride. Too little insulin, especially during a diet, reduces
Trenbolone Acetate
the anabolic effect of STH. The solution to this dilemma? Visiting a qualified physician who advises the athlete during this undertaking Trenbolone Acetate and who, in the event of exogenous insulin supply, checks the blood sugar level and urine periodically. According to what Trenbolone Acetate we have heard so far, athletes usually inject intermediately-effective insulin having a maximum duration of effect of Trenbolone Acetate 24 hours once a day. Human insulin such as Depot-H-Insulin Hoechst is generally used. Briefly-effective insulin with Trenbolone Acetate a maximum duration of effect of eight hours is rarely used by athletes. Again a human insulin such as H-Insulin Hoechst is preferred. The undesired effect of growth hormones, the

Trenbolone Acetate

so-called side effects, are also a very interesting and hotly-discussed issue. Above all it must be said: STH has none of the Trenbolone Acetate typical side effects of anabolic/androgenic steroids including reduced endogenous testosterone production, Trenbolone Acetate acne, hair loss, aggressiveness, elevated estrogen level, virilization symptoms in women, and increased water and salt retention. The main side Trenbolone Acetate effects that are possible with STH are an abnormally small concentration of glucose in the blood (hypoglycemia) and an inadequate thyroid function. Trenbolone Acetate In some cases antibodies against growth hormones are developed but are clinically irrelevant. What about the horror stories about acromegaly,

Trenbolone Acetate

bone deformation, heart enlargement, organ conditions, gigantism, and early death? Trenbolone Acetate In order to answer this question a clear differentiation must be made between humans before and Trenbolone Acetate after puberty. The growth plates in a person continue to grow in length until puberty. After puberty neither an endogenous Trenbolone Acetate hypersection of growth hormones nor an excessive exogenous supply of STH can cause additional growth in the length Trenbolone Acetate of the bones. Abnormal size (gigantism) initially goes hand in hand with remarkable Trenbolone Acetate body strength and muscular hardness in the afflicted; later, if left untreated, it ends in weakness and death. Again, this is only possible in pre-pubescent humans who also
Trenbolone Acetate
suffer from an inadequate gonadal function (hypogonadism). Humans who suffer from an endogenous hypersecrehon after puberty and whose normal Trenbolone Acetate growth is completed can also suffer from acromegaly. Bones become wider but not longer. There is a progressive growth in Trenbolone Acetate the hands and feet and enlargement of features due to the growth of the lower jaw and nose. What the authorities like to Trenbolone Acetate do now is to present extreme cases of athletes suffering from these malfunctions in order to Trenbolone Acetate discourage others and to drum into athletes the fact that with the exogenous supply of growth hormones they would suffer the same destiny. This, however, is very unlikely, as reality has proven.
Trenbolone Acetate
Among the numerous athletes using STH comparatively few are seven feet tall Neanderthalers Trenbolone Acetate with a protruded lower jaw, deformed skull, claw like hands, thick lips, and prominent bone plates who walk around in size 25 Trenbolone Acetate shoes. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we do not want to disguise the possible risks of exogenous STH use in adults and healthy humans, Trenbolone Acetate but one should at least try to be openminded. Acromegaly, diabpetes, thyroid insuficiency, heart muscle hypertrophy, high blood ressure, Trenbolone Acetate and enlargement of the kidneys are theoretically possible if STH is used excessively over prolonged periods of time; however, in reality and particularly when it comes
Trenbolone Acetate
to the external attributes, these are rarely present. Some athletes report headaches, nausea, vomiting, and visual Trenbolone Acetate disturbances during the first weeks of intake. These symptoms disappear in most cases even with continued intake. The most common problems Trenbolone Acetate with STH occur when the athlete intends to inject insulin in addition to STH. The substance Trenbolone Acetate somatropin is available as a dried powder and before injecting it must be mixed Trenbolone Acetate with the enclosed solution-containing ampule. The ready solution must be injected immediately or stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours. It is usually recommended that the compound be stored in the refrigerator. With the exception of the

Trenbolone Acetate

remedy Saizen the biological activity of growth hormones is usually not impaired when storing the dry substance at 15-25 Trenbolone Acetate C (room temperature); however, a cooler place (2-8? C) is preferable.On the black market the price for 4 I.U. each of the compounds Genotropin, Trenbolone Acetate Humatrope, Norditropin, and Saizen, in Europpe is $80-120 for a prick-through vial including the solution ampule. As already Trenbolone Acetate mentioned, there are many fakes. It is noted that for the U.S.-American growth hormones compounds, the substance content Trenbolone Acetate is not given in I.U.(International Units) but in mg (milligrams).

Among the most significant differences of synthetic AAS compared to testosterone

Trenbolone Acetate

is that they may avoid either or both of these enzymatic conversions. Another difference results Trenbolone Acetate from the fact that not all activity caused by androgens is mediated by the androgen receptor, and not all AAS are comparably Trenbolone Acetate effective in these other activities.

Many athletes like to use Nolvadex C&K at the end Trenbolone Acetate of a steroid cycle since it increases the body's own testosterone production and to prevent estrogenic side effects of taking anabolic steroids. Trenbolone Acetate

5mg tablets are pink pentagon shaped tablets, with snake&arrow imprinted on one side.

Oxymetholone does not convert to DHT. However, it is a potent androgen. Users who experience

Trenbolone Acetate
severe steroid acne caused by anadrol can get this problem under control by using the prescription drug Accutane.

Testosterone Trenbolone Acetate Heptylate Theramex has a duration of effect of 20 days. Although this theoretically allows long injection intervals athletes usually inject Trenbolone Acetate it at least once a week. Men usually prefer the 250 mg strength while women use the more conservative Trenbolone Acetate 50 mg or 100 mg version. With 250-750 mg/week most male bodybuilders get on well and make Trenbolone Acetate great progress. An effective combination in the buildup phase, for example, would be 500 mg Testosterone Heptylate Theramex/week, 200 mg Deca-Durabolin/week, and 30 mg Dianabol/day.

Trenbolone Acetate

The down side is that this drug is responsible for a number of side effects. It is an alpha alkylated 17 compound, which is quite Trenbolone Acetate toxic to the liver. Average dosages for Dianabol have been in the range of 15mg to 30mg a day oral or 50mg to Trenbolone Acetate 100mg a week by injection. Regarded by many athletes as being one of the most effective oral steroids ever Trenbolone Acetate produced. It was not known as the "Breakfast of Champions" for nothing. Dianabol Trenbolone Acetate is still one of the most effective strength and size building oral steroids probably second only to Anadrol 50 but it is not as harsh on the system as Anadrol 50 is.

Male athletes also find Clomid interesting. In men

Trenbolone Acetate

using Clomid, the elevation in both follicle stimulating hormone and (primarily) luteinizing hormone will cause Trenbolone Acetate natural testosterone production to increase. This effect is especially beneficial to the Trenbolone Acetate athlete at the conclusion of a steroid cycle when endogenous testosterone levels are depressed. If endogenous testosterone Trenbolone Acetate levels are not brought beck to normal, a dramatic loss in size and strength is likely to occur once the anabolics have been removed. Clomid can play Trenbolone Acetate a crucial role in preventing this crash in athletic performance.

    [17 Trenbolone Acetate alpha-oxa-D-homo-1,4-androstadiene-3,17-dione ]

0.4 x pound (body weight) x days=number

Trenbolone Acetate

of tablets to take overall during the interval of intake mg / tablet.


Possible side effects of clenbuterol Trenbolone Acetate include restlessness, palpitations, tremor, headache, increased perspiration, insomnia, Trenbolone Acetate possible muscle spasms, increased blood pressure and nausea. Note that these side effects are of a temporary nature and usually subside Trenbolone Acetate after 8-10 days, despite continuation of the intake of clenbuterol.

Tablet Core: lactose monohydrate, croscarmellose Trenbolone Acetate sodium, hydroxyproplycellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, sodium laurilsulfate, magnesium stearate.


Winstrol depot is very

Trenbolone Acetate
popular anabolic steroid and is a derivative of DHT. It is a relatively low androgenic steroid which Trenbolone Acetate does not seem to aromatize. It can be toxic to the liver in excessive dosages. Winstrol Depot is manufactured by Winthrop Trenbolone Acetate in USA and by Zambon in Europe.

Propecia can affect a blood test called PSA Trenbolone Acetate (Prostate-Specific Antigen) for the screening of prostate cancer. If you have a PSA test done, you should Trenbolone Acetate tell your doctor that you are taking Propecia.

DO NOT take Reductil if you have taken monoamine Trenbolone Acetate oxidase inhibitors within the past 14 days such as isocarboxazid (Marplan), tranylcypromine (Parnate), or phenelzine (Nardil).


Trenbolone Acetate
variation of that is definitely counterfeit. A running dosage of test cypionate is Trenbolone Acetate generally in the range of 200-600mg per week. When this was available for $20 per10ml bottle, Trenbolone Acetate many users would take a whopping 2000mg per week. This kind of dosage however, is unsafe, generally not Trenbolone Acetate needed and in today's day and age too costly.

While it has been claimed that Clomid "stimulates" production of LH and therefore Trenbolone Acetate of testosterone, in fact Clomid's activity is achieved not by stimulation of the hypothalamus Trenbolone Acetate and pituitary, but by blocking their inhibition by estrogen.

Discontinue use of Xenical beyond 6 months only if weight loss is greater

Trenbolone Acetate

than 10% from the start of treatment.

Testosterone Propionate is fast acting as effects begin in only one day. Benefits Trenbolone Acetate include muscle mass increases, stength increase, increased training aggressiveness, faster Trenbolone Acetate post-training recovery, and low water retention. Although there is a high rate of aromatization, it does not cause gyno as often as Trenbolone Acetate other testosterone esters.


Mesterolone (Proviron)reduces either Trenbolone Acetate levels of estrogen or the effect of estrogen. Thus, it is useful for avoiding gynecomastia, although it probably Trenbolone Acetate should not be relied upon as the sole drug for that. It is not hepatotoxic. It has the usual side

Trenbolone Acetate
effects of anabolic/androgenic steroids, with the added effect that it is particularly prone Trenbolone Acetate to cause erections.

The fact that Nolvadex C&K will reduce water retention may result in the user agreeing that gains Trenbolone Acetate are less, since weight gain is less, thus reinforcing the bias.

The propionate and phenylpropionate esters in this product are quickly Trenbolone Acetate utilized, releasing into circulation within the first four days. The remaining esters are much slower to release, staying active in the body for approximately Trenbolone Acetate two and three weeks (respectively). This is an improvement from standard testosterones such as cypionate or enanthate, which provide a much

Trenbolone Acetate
shorter duration of activity, and a more variable blood level. This is one of the most popular injectable testosterones Trenbolone Acetate because the combination of the four different esters work synergistically together, both fast acting and long lasting.

Trenbolone Acetate Mastabol is a synthetic derivative of dihydrotestosterone, displaying a potent androgenic effect that is responsible for increases in muscle Trenbolone Acetate density and hardness and a moderate anabolic effect that creates a positive nitrogen balance in humans and promotes Trenbolone Acetate protein synthesis.

If overdose of stanozolol is suspected, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately.


Trenbolone Acetate
Prop. (o.c.) 50 mg/ml; Quad U.S., Lilly U.S.

very slow or shallow breathing or no breathing at all Trenbolone Acetate (listen close to the person's mouth and nose for breath sounds and look for movement of Trenbolone Acetate their chest wall) snoring or gurgling breathing in someone who is asleep blue lips and fingernails (caused by lack of oxygen) no response to shaking, Trenbolone Acetate calling their name or pain (try pinching their earlobe and pressing down hard on one of their fingernails Trenbolone Acetate with a pen) very slow, faint pulse or no pulse at all.

Bodybuilders love this product for many reasons. This product is an excellent fat burner since your metabolism is greatly increased while

Trenbolone Acetate

being on it. You can afford to be a little sloppier on precontest dieting since it will still burn fat Trenbolone Acetate when you are taking in a lot of calories since your metabolism is going haywire. Step over Ripped Fuel, E/C/A stack, Thermodrine. Trenbolone Acetate

Ingredient: Clonazepam

Proviron information

Effective Dose: 150-250mg per week

Trenbolone Acetate A number of medical reviews have cited its outstanding potential to promote muscle gains as well as fat loss and weight loss.

Any form Trenbolone Acetate of IGF is ONLY supplied in a lyphosized form, which means a dry powder state. NEVER PUCHASE PRE-DILUTED LIQUID IGF!!!! There is no such product made anywhere in the

Trenbolone Acetate
world and even if there were real IGF ever present in the vial it would all be dead by the time you receive Trenbolone Acetate it. IGF is a very delicate peptide and must be diluted by yourself, where you have access to a refrigerator and freezer. There has also been Trenbolone Acetate a lot of talk by certain sources claiming to have IGF made by the Eli Lilly company, to clear things up Lilly is a pharmaceutical company and as stated Trenbolone Acetate IGF is a research drug and has not yet been approved, Lilly does not and never has manufactured research drugs for retail sale. Trenbolone Acetate

What does all this mean?

However, I would not be surprised if one were to tell a steroid user that Clomid reduced

Trenbolone Acetate
his gains, he would immediately become afraid that Clomid reduced his gains (please note that no one I have ever heard Trenbolone Acetate of has noticed this.) Not having been so misled, however, he would not conclude this from his results. Trenbolone Acetate But if an authority publishes that such an effect occurs, whether it does or not it can become Trenbolone Acetate self-fulfilling by biasing the user.

Phentermine Side Effects

The above information is intended to supplement, not substitute Trenbolone Acetate for, the expertise and judgment of your physician, or other healthcare professional. It should not be construed to indicate that use of Propecia is safe, appropriate, or effective for you. Consult your

Trenbolone Acetate
healthcare professional before using Propecia.

Testosterone cypionate is a long acting ester Trenbolone Acetate of testosterone which is increasingly difficult to find.Before the scheduling of anabolics in the U.S., this was the Trenbolone Acetate most common form of testosterone available to athletes. Cyp had gained a reputation as being slightly stronger than enanthate Trenbolone Acetate and became the testosterone of choice for many. Now that anabolics are controlled, this is an almost impossible find. In general, Trenbolone Acetate the only versions you'll find on the black market are Sten from Mexico, which contains 75mg cyp with 25 mg propionate along with some DHEA, and Testex from Leo in Spain which contains 250mg

Trenbolone Acetate

cypionate is a light resistant ampule.

Xenical is taken with each meal (three times daily). Trenbolone Acetate Your daily fat intake should be divided equally between these three meals so you will benefit from Xenical's actions. Your medicine should Trenbolone Acetate be swallowed with water.

3. Since most athletes who want to use STH can only obtain it if prescribed by a physician, the only supply source Trenbolone Acetate remains the black market. And this is certainly another reason why some athletes might not have been very happy with the effect of the purchased compound. How could he, if cheap HCG was passed off as expensive STH? Since both compounds are available as dry substances, all that

Trenbolone Acetate
would be needed is a new label of Serono's Saizen or Lilly's Humatrope on the HCG ampule. It is no longer fun when Trenbolone Acetate somebody is paying $200 for 5000 I.U. of HCG, only worth $ 12, and thinking that he just purchased 4 I.U. of STH. And if you think this happens only Trenbolone Acetate to novices and to the ignorant, ask Ben Johnson. "Big Ben," who during three tests within five days showed an above-limit testosterone Trenbolone Acetate level, was not a victim of his own stupidity but more likely the victim of fraud. According to statistics Trenbolone Acetate by the German Drug Administration, 42% of the HGH vials confiscated on the North American black market are fakes. In addition to a display of labels in the Dutch
Trenbolone Acetate
or Russian language the fakes are distinguished from the original product, in sofar as the Trenbolone Acetate dry substance is not present as lyophilic but present as loose powder. The fakes confiscated so far use the name "Humatrope 16" under the name Trenbolone Acetate of Lilly Company (with Dutch denomination) or "Somatogen" (in Russian)." Nowhere can this much money be made Trenbolone Acetate except by faking STH. Who has ever held original growth hormones in his hand and Trenbolone Acetate known how they should look?


SEROSTIM BASICS: Trenbolone Acetate (Somatotropin / HGH)

Since Trenbolone binds so tightly to androgen receptors, and those receptors are found in lipid cells as well as muscle cells (10),

Trenbolone Acetate
Trenbolone seems to have a profound effect on the AR in both of these types of cells Trenbolone Acetate to catalyze anabolism as well as lipolysis (fat-burning) (11). Finally, Trenbolone significantly Trenbolone Acetate promotes red blood cell production and also increases the rate of glycogen replenishment, both of which serve to profoundly improve Trenbolone Acetate recovery. (12)


Usage: 500-1000 mg weekly.

Tamoxifen cycle Trenbolone Acetate and dosage


Athletes like to use Nolvadex C&K at the end of a steroid cycle Trenbolone Acetate since it increases the body's own testosterone production.

Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in the original

Trenbolone Acetate

package. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the carton and blister.

An allergic reaction Trenbolone Acetate to this medicine is unlikely, but seek immediate medical attention if it occurs. Symptoms of an allergic reaction Trenbolone Acetate include rash, itching, unusual swelling, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing.

Trenbolone Acetate

Allergies — tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to benzodiazepines. Also Trenbolone Acetate tell your health care professional if you are allergic to any other substances, such Trenbolone Acetate as foods, preservatives, or dyes.

Side Effects: Nandrolone Decanoate can induce acne issues in higher dosages in sensitive individuals. It will

Trenbolone Acetate
retent water but far less than testosterone, blood pressure is dosage dependant. Aromatization is low. It Decreases Trenbolone Acetate HTPA function. It doesn't convert DTH (converts to NOR-DHT with low activity).

The side effects of Trenbolone Acetate Testosterone enanthate are mostly the distinct androgenic effect and the increased water retention. This is usually Trenbolone Acetate the reason for the frequent occurrence of hypertony. Many athletes experience a strong acne vulgaris with Testosterone Trenbolone Acetate enanthate which manifests itself on the back, chest, shoulders, and arms more than on the face. Athletes who take large quantities of Testo can often be easily recognized because of these characteristics.

Trenbolone Acetate

It is interesting to note that in some athletes these characteristics only occur after use of the compound has been Trenbolone Acetate discontinued, which implies a rebound effect. In severe cases the medicine Accutane Trenbolone Acetate can help. The already discussed feminization symptoms, especially gynecomastia, require the "intake Trenbolone Acetate of an anti-estrogen. Sexual overstimulation with frequent erections at the beginning of intake is normal. In young athletes, "in addition Trenbolone Acetate to virilization, testosterone can also lead to an accelerated growth and bone maturation, Trenbolone Acetate to a premature epiphysial closing of the growth plates and thus a lower height" Since mostly taller athletes are successful in bodybuilding,
Trenbolone Acetate
young adults should reflect carefully before taking any anabolic/androgenic steroids, in particular, testosterone.

Trenbolone Acetate

Generic Name: methenolone enanthate

Testosterone Heptylate Theramex leads Trenbolone Acetate to a strong protein synthesis in the muscle cell and promotes recovery to a high degree. Trenbolone Acetate Athletes report an enormous pump effect during the workout and a noticeable appetite increase after only Trenbolone Acetate days of intake. The gains usually consist of solid muscle since the water retention that occurs during intake is usually lower than with enantathe Trenbolone Acetate and cypionate. Competing bodybuilders and athletes normally become puffy be-cause of the testosterone injections

Trenbolone Acetate

should give Testosterone Heptylate Theramex a try.


(trenbolone acetate)

The drug trenbolone acetate is, without a doubt, the most powerful injectable anabolic steroid used by members to gain muscle. However the full properties of the drug are not always fully understood. This profile will separate fact from fiction and help members decide if trenbolone is right for them.

Trenbolone is similar to the highly popular steroid nandrolone, in that they are both 19-nor steroids, meaning that a testosterone molecule has been altered at the 19th position to give us a new compound. Unlike nandrolone however trenbolone is an excellent mass and hardening drug with the majority of gains being muscle fiber, with minimal water retention (1) It has an unbelievable anabolic (muscle building) score of 500. When you compare that to testosterone, which itself is a powerful mass builder, and has an anabolic score of 100 you can begin to fathom the muscle building potential of trenbolone. What makes trenbolone so anabolic? Numerous factors come into play. Trenbolone greatly increases the level of the extremely anabolic hormone IGF-1 within muscle tissue (2). And, it´s worth noting that not only does it increase the levels of IGF-1 in muscle over two fold, it also causes muscle satellite cells (cells that repair damaged muscle) to be more sensitive to IGF-1 and other growth factors(3). The amount of DNA per muscle cell may also be significantly increased (3).

Trenbolone also has a very strong binding affinity to the androgen receptor (A.R), binding much more strongly than testosterone (4). This is important, because the stronger a steroid binds to the androgen receptor the better that steroid works at activating A.R dependant mechanisms of muscle growth. There is also strong supporting evidence that compounds which bind very tightly to the androgen receptor also aid in fat loss. Think as the receptors as locks and androgens as different keys, with some keys (androgens) opening (binding) the locks (receptors) much better than others. This is not to say that AR-binding is the final word on a steroid´s effectiveness. Anadrol doesn´t have any measurable binding to the AR& and we all know how potent Anadrol is for mass-building.

Trenbolone increases nitrogen retention in muscle tissue (5). This is of note because nitrogen retention is a strong indicator of how anabolic a substance is. However, trenbolone´s incredible mass building effects do not end there. Trenbolone has the ability to bind with the receptors of the anti-anabolic (muscle destroying) glucocorticoid hormones (6). This may also has the effect of inhibiting the catabolic (muscle destroying) hormone cortisol (7).

Yet another amazing trait of trenbolone that must be noted is its ability to improve feed efficiency and mineral absorption in animals given the drug (8). To help you understand what this means for you, feed efficiency is a measurement of how much of an animals diet is converted into meat, and the more food it takes to produce this meat, the lower the efficiency. Conversely, the less food it takes to produce meat the, higher the efficiency& well you get the idea. Animals given trenbolone gained high quality weight without having their diet adjusted, thus improving feed efficiency. Finding new compounds which can improve feed efficiency is a billion dollar industry, and has spawned many nutritional advances in the bodybuilding world over the last few decades (CLA, Whey Protein, and HMB are compounds which spring to mind as having first been introduced by the livestock industry). What does this translate to for the hard training athlete? The food you eat will be better utilized for building lean muscle, and vitamins and minerals are also better absorbed which may keep you healthier during cycle.

Trenbolone is also a highly androgenic hormone, when compared with testosterone, which has an androgenic ratio of 100; trenbolone´s androgenic ratio is an astonishing 500. Highly androgenic steroids are appreciated for the effects they have on strength as well as changing the estrogen/androgen ratio, thus reducing water and under the skin. As if the report on trenbolone was not good enough, it gets better; Trenbolone is extraordinarily good as a fat loss agent. One reason for this is its powerful effect on nutrient partitioning (9). It is a little known fact is that androgen receptors are found in fat cells as well as muscle cells(10), androgens act directly on the A.R in fat cells to affect fat burning.(11) the stronger the androgen binds to the A.R, the higher the lipolytic (fat burning) effect on adipose tissue (fat)(11). Since some steroids even increase the numbers of A.R in muscle and fat (11, 12) this fat loss effect would be amplified with the concurrent use of other compounds, such as testosterone.

Trenbolone promotes red blood cell production and increases the rate of glycogen replenishment, significantly improving recovery (13). Like almost all steroids, trenbolones effects are dose dependant with higher dosages having the greatest effects on body composition and strength. Mental changes are a notorious side effect of trenbolone use(15), androgens increase chemicals in the brain that promote aggressive behavior(16), which can be beneficial for some athletes wanting to improve speed and power.

Trenbolones chemical structure makes it resistant to the aromatize enzyme (conversion to estrogen) thus absolutely no percentage of trenbolone will convert to estrogen. Trenbolone administration would not promote estrogenic side effects such as breast tissue growth in men (gynecomastia, bitch tits) accelerated fat gain, decline in fat break down and water retention trenbolone. Trenbolone is also resistant to the 5- alpha-reductase enzyme, this enzyme reduces some steroid hormones into a more androgenic form, in trenbolones case however this does not matter, trenbolone boasts an androgenic ratio of 500, it can easily cause adverse androgenic side effects in any members who are prone cases of hair loss, prostate enlargement, oily skin and acne have been reported. Unfortunately trenbolones potential negative side effects do not end there. Trenbolone is also a noted progestin: it binds to the receptor of the female sex hormone progesterone (with about 60% of the actual strength progesterone) (17). In sensitive members this can lead to bloat and breast growth worse still, trenbolones active metabolite17beta-trenbolone has a binding affinity to the progesterone receptor (PgR) that is actually greater than progesterone itself (18). No need to panic though, the anti-estrogens letrzole or fulvestrant can lower progesterone levels, and combat any progestenic sides. The use of a 19-nor compound like trenbolone also increases prolactin& . bromocriptine or cabergoline are often recommended to lower prolatin levels (20). Testicular atrophy (shrunken balls) may also occur; HCG used intermittently throughout a cycle can prevent this. (21) It is also wise for Tren users to closely monitor their cholesterol levels, as well as kidney function and liver enzymes, as Tren has the potential to negatively affect all of those functions. Trenbolone, being a powerful progestin, will also shut down natural testosterone production which even a relatively small dose and keep the testosterone level suppressed for an extended period of time, this can lower libido and cause erectile dysfunction (fina dick). It is essential that you always stack trenbolone with testosterone.

The acetate ester is a very short-chain ester attached to the trenbolone molecule. It has an active life of 2-3 days but to keep blood levels of trenbolone elevated and steady, daily injections are often recommended. The acetate ester provides a rapid and high concentration of the hormone which is beneficial to those seeking quick gains, coupled with a rapid clearing time the acetate ester can be discontinued on the onset of adverse side effects.

Now that the properties of trenbolone acetate have been explained we can better understand how to use it in order to maximize its advantages. Evidence suggests that trenbolone when stacked with estrogen promotes more weight gain that trenbolone alone(22), now I´m not telling you to go pop some birth control with your trenbolone but the addition of aromatizing orals such as dianabol and a long estered testosterone such as cypionate or enanthate would produce great gains in a bulking cycle. For a cutting cycle trenbolone is the best choice you have; trenbolones powerful effect on nutrient shuttling allows a user to restrict calories and remain in a state of positive nitrogen balance (remember what that means?). The cortisol reducing effect and binding to the glucocorticoid receptor will greatly reduce the catabolic effects of harsh dieting and excessive amounts of cardio& not to mention that trenbolone itself may burn fat (due to it´s strong AR-binding). A good choice to stack with tren in a cutting cycle is Winstrol. Winstrol has a low binding affinity to the AR and thus will act in your body in vastly different ways than the Tren (i.e. in non-receptor mediated action). In addition, Winstrol is a DHT-based drug and Tren is a 19-nor& throw in some Testosterone (prop), and you´ll have a cutting cycle which takes advantage of all 3 major families of Anabolic Steroids (Testosterone, 19-nor, and DHT), as well as vastly different AR-binding affinities and mechanisms of action.

Ironically, even though Tren is an excellent contest prep drug, it lowers your thyroid level(23), and this raises prolactin. I recommend taking T3 (25mcgs/day) along with your Tren to avoid elevating your prolactin too high via this route.

Also, this drug is a poor choice for athletes who rely on cardiovascular fitness to play a sport. Tren, anecdotally at least, reduces many athletes ability to sustain high levels of endurance. Unfortunately, this makes Tren a poor choice for many.

As of now the main source of trenbolone is from implants for cattle being converted into an injectable or transdermal compound, from powder, and of course Underground Labs. "Home brewing" powder or cattle implants seems to be the preferred method of obtaining injectable trenbolone acetate, because the user would have much more control over the potency and sterility of the drug. Trenbolone is much more expensive than other anabolic steroids ranging from 15 U.S dollars per gram of powder or 150 U.S for a single 10 ml bottle. The cost of trenbolone should not matter, it is worth every penny.

Trenbolone Acetate Profile


    (Trenbolone Base + Acetate Ester)
    Formula: C20 H24 O3
    Molecular Weight: 312.4078
    Molecular Weight (base): 270.3706
    Molecular Weight (ester):60.0524
    Formula (base): C18 H22 O2
    Formula (ester): C2 H4 O2
    Melting Point (base): 183-186C
    Melting Point (ester):16.6C
    Manufacturer: Cattle implants, British Dragon, Various
    Effective Dose (Men):50-150mg ED
    Effective Dose (Women): Not recommended
    Active life: 2-3 days
    Detection Time: 5 months
    Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 500/500

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